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Software to clone RAID 5 on HP Proliant ML570 (Linux Suse)


Is there a software that you can recommend that can clone RAID 5 on HP Proliant ML 570 on Linux Suse OS?

There are four 36 gigs hard drive and the raid controller is HP Smart array 6400.

Perhaps the logical drive without having to have the same exact hardware?  Perhaps the RAID 5 onto a USB or SCSI/ATA single hard disk?

I read that Paragon Back up or EASE back up might be able to clone RAID successfully.

I've tried Clonezilla and failed. Any advice, shared experience or suggestions are welcome and thank you in advance! I read Acronis is not reliable for it as well.
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If you want to clone to USB and boot from there you'll probably fail with all tools that are available, as the setup needs to be different to boot from USB. It may work with standard vanilla distro's where all kernel modules are already included in the installation. But with SUSE I believe the installation doesn't include all that, particularly if it is an older version of the OS.
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Well I was going to use the USB drive as the transfer hard disk. It will then be cloned back onto another system.

Does anyone have experience cloning a RAID 5 linux system? I'll be happy to hear about your experience.
Then you wouldn't be cloning, but rather doing an image to the USB disk, and then restoring that image to your new hardware.

Whether you use RAID or not, with most linux distro's you'll have to edit the grub configuration and the fstab file, as the partition or disk ID's will change, but apart from that it will mostly work, unless you are using a Linux version that was optimized for your particular hardware, then probably it won't be easily possible.

But with vanilla distro's like those based on ubuntu etc it is usually not a big issue.
I have a cloned hd to hd using Clonezilla. It appeared to have copied the logical drive. But as you mentioned looking for /dev/ccsi which is the raid. The usb should be /dev/sda.

Any idea how to fix this step by step? I am new to linux so exact commands would help.

Can you recommend a software? I reached out to acronis, easus and they both wont clone raids
As I mentioned above, you should rather image to the USB. CloneZilla can do that too. After that restore the image to your new PC. Then check your Grub config file and adapt the configuration there.

If you are using The PartedMagic LiveCD (which has CloneZilla on it) you can use it's Disk Editor to find out all the necessary info on your restored Partitions, like UUID's etc., which I'd use in place of /dev/sdx in your grub and fstab files. Using UUID's is in my opinion better because then you don't have to worry about which ports your disks are connected to.

Possibly if you attach your grub config file and the fstab file, along with the indo you gor on your partitions with the disk editor, it may be easier to help.
I could not image the hard disk due to errors which the clonezilla support forum itself could not help resolve. So the disk-to-disk clone was the only option at this point which was successfully but not upon booting.

I know the Parted Magic CD could help, but its not that much of a help since your answers are not step by step. It's like saying hey, you have a flat tire, go get the tools and then fix it. I need the actual commands and steps, otherwise, I have not progressed since writing this post.
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