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Software Installed by GPO Available to Admins but NOT Users

We use GPO to distribute two software packages-- the Adobe Flash ActiveX version (used by IE), and the Plug-In version (used by Firefox).

The PCs are successfully getting the new GPO and installing the packages.  

Problem:  Flash works OK when an administrator uses a browser.  However, when users log in to the SAME machine and try to browse the web, their browsers act like Flash is not installed and they get prompted to install Flash.

Any ideas what to look for?
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Joseph Moody
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Can you save a report of the GPO and upload it here?
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Which report are you looking for-- the gpresult on the PC showing if the GPO was applied?  Or something else?

Short answer is the GPO is being applied, and Flash is being installed, because any administrator who logs on to the PC can browse to Flash-enabled websites and it works.

It also shows up in Add/Remove Programs.

The only issue is -AFTER- it has been installed on a PC, only admins benefit from it.  If the admin logs off and a USER-level account logs in, the browser doesn't see Flash has been installed and the user gets prompted to install it when they hit a website with Flash in it.

Something I didn't mention, for what it's worth.  It's being installed via Computer policy (not user policy) and it's Assigned, not Published.
Did you use the MSI-files provided by Adobe (from the download link that you get after registering  with Adobe to get distribute-permission) ? Did you change any properties in these files?
I was interested in what side is was being applied to.

It seems like the addon isn't being activated for standard users. Can you run a GPResult on the PC with this issue? Run it as a standard user.
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@msifox-- I did check for permissions on the sys32\macromed\flash directory and users had Read permissions.

However, in the time since my post, I unlinked the GPO, manually uninstalled via Add/Remove programs (all of this I had done several times already), but this time took the extra step to delete the entire Macromed\Flash directory.

Then I re-enabled the GPO, rebooted, Flash was installed (just like every other time).... but this time (unlike before) it's available for all users and not just admins.

I didn't see anything telling in the \Flash directory before (i.e., nothing that looked like a version conflict-- basically just log files remaining).  

But for whatever reason, it's all working now.  Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.
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Going to accept this solution, because deleting the \Flash directory seemed to be the key, even though permissions were correct before.