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SQL server license ?

We have an SQL server running and SQL app that I need to replace with a newer server. I didn't install the last one and don't know much about SQL licensing. The vendor says the app will run on SQL 2012 but in getting into specing out a new server I see listings for not only Windows user CALS (client access licenses) but also SQL CALS. Do I need these as well for users to be able to access this app?
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Review the pdf on  The licensing depends on your requirements.  CAL licenses are like named licenses.  I would stay away from named licenses.  In the long run named licenses are more expensive in an enterprise environment.
CAL is required for Business Intelligence and Standard versions, but not for Enterprise.
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if you can run on SQL Express, you don't need CALs
SQL 2000 and above can be done by CAL or by Physical CPU. (A quad core is one CPU). Express has no cost. [url=""\]Here's an article about it with attached pricing sites.[/url] So if you have an application that will only ever be accessed by 5 people then user CALS might make sense. But if you ever want to get another app or develop something else that uses a SQL DB a Server/CPU license might make more sense.

Additionally, if you aren't upgrading and just using the existing license on the same SQL it would be no cost to move the SQL to the new server as long as you shutdown/remove SQL from the old server within a reasonable time.
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