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windows 2008 server r2 - added a domain, lost internet connectivity

I have windows 2008 server r2 datacenter within a vm.   Within that vm, I was able to access the internet.  

I added active directory and a domain to add users to a product I'm demoing.  Since adding the domain, I do not have internet access.  This is not a production server, just me using this server.  AD and the domain were added for demo purposes.  

The domain I created was only created to setup active directory.  The domain doesn't need to be seen outside of the vm.

I'm not a sys admin, I just want to reinstate my internet access.  Thanks.
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Shane McKeown
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What is the output of

ipconfig /all

from the server now?

Since you installed AD that means you now usually need to populate the Forwarders section in DNS to get internet access..

Start - Control Panel - Admin tools - DNS
Right click server name - properties
Go into Forwarders section

Add these DNS servers

Ok all that...should now provide the access...
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Thanks for the help.  I attached my ipconfig /all & the forwarders settings I made.  I also rebooted after the forwarder setting change, with the same result.
Unable to resolve...I've seen this a lot this week(DNS issues on the internet related...)

Add these as well

See if any of these resolve...

Your ipconfig is fine...
No change.

User generated image
Can you ping any of those IP's from the server at all?
I cannot successfully ping any of those IPs.
Can you ping ANY ip's from the server?

Can you ping your gateway?

What does this command produce?


Want to determine if you have ANY connectivity to the outside world...

I assume your default gateway is set correctly yes?
User generated imageI cannot ping my gateway.  I don't know if my default gateway is set correctly.  I haven't edited in the past.
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Shane McKeown
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I examined the vm settings for the network card, as you suggested.  On a whim, I changed the connection type from bridged to nat, and I now have internet connectivity!!  The icon in the taskbar still indicates that I don't have internet connectivity, and I don't care about that.  Thanks again for your help.
The icon will change once DNS resolution starts working - ping or something and it will change...

Good stuff...