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How can I reset Administrator password for Windows Server 2003 R2

I recently started helping with IT for a small business with a Windows Server 2003 R2 server and a few workstations. The only password they have written down does not work for the Administrator account on the server and the previous IT person moved out of the country and they have no way to contact him.

So - they had no idea what the current password was.

I have used Live CD's to blank/reset passwords before so I used Offline NT registry editor to blank the Administrator password after having to force shutdown the server and boot to the CD. After rebooting I tried to login but it says incorrect.

I also tried OphCrack with no luck.

To thier knowledge there are no other accounts with Administrative permissions so we seem to be totally stuck.

Are there any other ways to reset the Administrator password or "hack" the server and regain access?
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That's the same guide I've already posted @KCTS...
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Thank you! Great solution!