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Excel Date

Can you please help,

I need to have a formula in Cell A1

If Today's date > = 1st and < = 14th then
CELL A1 = 16th of Previous Month -- CELL B1 = Last day of Previous month.
If Today's date = 15th then
CELL A1 =  1st of Current Month -- CELL B1 = 15th of Current Month
If Today's date > = 16th and < = End of Month then
CELL A1 =  16th of Current month. -- CELL B1 = Last day of Current month.

not sure if this can be done in one formula,
if not, I'm OK with 2 formulas (CELL A1, B1)

Any help is appreciated,
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Thank you.
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I can shorten the formulas, but they are still going to be hard to understand:
=DATE(YEAR(NOW()),MONTH(NOW())-(DAY(NOW())<15),1+15*(DAY(NOW())<>15))        for A1
=DATE(YEAR(NOW()),MONTH(NOW())+(DAY(NOW())>15),15*(DAY(NOW())=15))             for B1

When you are testing ChloesDad's suggestion for cell A1, I believe there was a typo in the last digit of the formula. I think he meant: