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Cannot create an Access subform with a table as a source?

I have a form in an Access 2007 application that I am trying to modify.  I had a subform created on the main form, and deleted it to create a substitute subform, but now when I create the new subform, tables are not available as the "source" for the subform....only forms.  Not sure what is going on here?  If I click on the "use existing tables and queries" radio button, the list does not change...still show forms.

Thanks for your help..

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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)
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create the "subform" to be, as a form, like you normally do.
when your done, save the form
open the main form in design view
drag and drop the newly created form to the main form,
it will now be a subform,
set the Master/Child link fields.

or watch this demo first
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Hamed Nasr
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