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Hi there,

I'm new to WordPress though I ask this question.

Can the WordPress do the following:

Optin page
Sales page
Download page
Payment page (secure with SSL certificate)...who will provide the SSL certificate here?
Home page
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The short answer is "yes" to all of the above. The longer answer is that you need to learn about the Wordpress plugin ecosystem so you will know how to get the result you want with minimal effort.
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If you are reasonable good with WordPress, how quickly you can put up your Optin page? Couple of Hours? What about your Sales page? Few hours also?

I have a good experience with DreamWeaver whereby I have built website in the past using this too.

It is worth learning WordPress or Am I better of outsourcing it to someone?

If you to learn WordPress all over again, what is one or two things you need to pay close attention with Learning WordPress?
You could build a WordPress site in a few hours without using any web development platform like Dreamweaver as long as you are willing to accept the theme layout as is. Most themes will let you fiddle with the color scheme as well. You will need a host that can handle PHP and MySql. There are WordPress plugins available for many functions like the OptIn plugin. These are easy to implement using just the WP admin interface. It's when you stray off the reservation that you need a program like Dreamweaver to view and edit the WordPress files. Dreamweaver will not help you with WordPress itself. It's just a way of viewing and editing the files. Want to change the theme layout? At the very least, you'll need to edit css files. To do this, you need to understand how WordPress works. That can take hours. It's very easy to break a WordPress site. The best approach if you want to edit a theme is to create a child theme from your main theme and edit that instead. That way, if you have to upgrade to a new version of WordPress or just reload it because it's broken, you can reload the core files, add your child theme fies and your back to square one. If instead you had made modifications to the core files to get the look you want, you will have to make those changes all over again for every WordPress reload or upgrade. Want to create a page without a blog on it? By default, every page in a WordPress site has a blog component. If you want to remove that blog component, you'll need to create a custom page template.

What you should do is look around and see if there are WordPress plugins available that will get you all the functionality you need; Sales, OptIn, etc. If so, create the site using only the WP admin interface. Accept the layout of your chosen theme as provided. If plugins are not available, be prepared to spend some time and effort while you get your hands dirty inside the WordPress engine. Look for tutorials describing how to create child themes and custom page templates for WordPress. Or, outsource the whole project.
To be really productive in WordPress, knowledge of PHP is a must.  That said, you can do a great deal with it without knowing any PHP if you are willing to look for and use WordPress plugins and themes.  WordPress does work great for creating just about any type of web presence.

One nice thing about WordPress is the community that supports it.  You can find the answer to just about any question with a simple web search, and there is plenty of training, documentation, and commercial offerings.
Cheers TommyBoy.

I noticed you mentioned Child themes several time.

If I thoroughly understand the Child themes, i will be very comfortable using WP?

I don't mine getting my hands dirty as long WP will help me built my Optin page, Sales page, Download page, including video box to place my video. I gather from what you said above that all these pages can be done easily from WP?

The issue using DreamWeaver (DW) is you have to start from scratch unless you have some templates to work with. provides training on WP

What would your advice and what to absolutely to focus on when understanding WP? Is it mainly the Child themes? Any others?

Thanks again.
Sorry profgeek..when I hit submit, your comments have just snicked it.

So, Child themes, PHP knowledge is a must, any others?

I'm trying to target the core functionality of WP so that when I starts the online training, i know what to heavily focus on to maximise my time.

Appreciate your comments guys.
WordPress themes provide a look and feel as well as additional functionality in some cases.  With a theme like Genesis, for example, the theme provides an infrastructure and a child theme will then provide the look and feel.  You can even go deeper for additional functionality.  A Genesis child theme like Dynamik, for example, adds more functionality to Genesis and provides "skins" for the look and feel.  It looks like this:

          Child Theme

Plugins provide all sorts of additional functionality.  Using PHP, you can also write your own plugins or tweak plugins you have downloaded.

I also highly recommend for training.
Thanks profgeek....sounds like you have tons of experience with WP you seem to know this topic well.....

I know WP is a monster product because you can get lost easily particular if you are a newbie.

Yes, has training on WP...actually they have heaps.

Moving forward and taking your advice, here's the path i should focus on to thoroughly understand WP:

          Child Theme
And Php as well.

Am I right saying this?
Not just child themes and plugins. You need to know how to create custom page templates for those times when plugins are not available. A custom page template allows you to create a page where the content area of the page (minus the header and footer) is a blank slate (no blog component). There you can add whatever content you like the same way you would for any non-WordPress site.
OK thanks TommyBoy...that is sounds good...will definitely pay attention with Child themes and plugin.

What about when I create a payment page when the buyer place their credit card details.....does that involved PHP or Plugins would do it?
Looks like Plugins will do the trick, now i just have to find a PayPal Plugin for WP if there is one?
The point I was trying to stress that may not have been clear is to avoid editing the core WP files if at all possible. Instead, override them with child themes and custom page templates. Count on the inevitable. You WILL have to reload the WP core files at some point during the design process or at least during the life of the WP site. If you have made any edits to the core files and did not keep copious notes on those edits, you will be screwed.
Much like if you made mistakes with DreamWeaver and you hooked DW directly to your production webserver. Typically, you have locally files and only upload changes you made into the webserver using DW.

Does WP has a client app whereby you work with your local files stored in your pc, make changes on them, then upload only the changes to the webserver or PhP server etc?
You could run your WordPress site entirely on a local machine as long as the machine has a built-in PHP server and MySql database. On my MacBook Pro I use the free version of MAMP to accomplish both. In Dreamweaver you can create a site and tie it to both a local test server and to a rented host. You can then choose which one (or both) to sync with.
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You guys are so knowledgeable with WP...i would like to have some of the wisdom transfer to me...hehehe.

I just want to learn to create good Optin page, Sales page with shopping cart and payment page (e.g., credit cards or paypal), do i still need to learn basic PhP or i can get away using just Plugins?

I don't mine hanging out with you guys, built some websites and make tons of money...hehehe.  of course we need to take into consideration AdWords, SEO tactics and product creation and marketing etc.
WordPress is SEO friendly too.  I would recommend you start out learning to use the existing plugins (there are thousands out there).  Tweaking PHP will come much later.
im internet marketer now would it be safe to say that having a good understanding of WP give you an advantage ?
I'm not sure about an advantage for marketing.  There are a lots of sites currently using WP for e-commerce.
i meant being able built website and put it online quicky...can that be advantage when you want to sell products online?
Having a good understanding of the capabilities of any common technology is an advantage for an Internet marketer.