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NAS ISCSI storage device Vs DAS

Can someone give me some information about ISCSI NAS. I'm looking for at least at 12 TB capacity that connect via ISCSI to a server. Is it better to order DAS or NAS?  Which is faster response?
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Andrej Pirman
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1 Gbit NAS would NOT be my choice for massive storage due to Gigabit limit. But if you go with 10 Gbit, well, then defintelly YES - even better than Direct Attached.

The main disadvantage of DAS is that you can use it only for one host. If this is not bothering you, then you may go that way.

My order would be, from lower up:
Gigabit NAS
Direct Attached Storage
Fibre connected anything
10 Gigabit anything
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thanks guys for explaining that.