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Need help adjusting CRM 2011 Dynmaics' security role to prevent some users from viewing all leads

We currently use MS CRM 2011 and it works reasonably well for what and how we work.  The main thing though, is we get a fair amount of lead "poaching".  The manager can and should be able to view all the leads.  He determines who the lead is assigned to and that person works the lead as any sales person does.  

The problem is the user can select "all leads" and sees the leads regardless of who it was assigned to.  From time to time, they will then call the largest one, start managing the lead on their own, then when the person who was originally assigned to it calls, the call has already been initiated.  The sales people fight, then the manager re-assigns the lead to the other sales person since that person has already had contact with possible client, leaving the original person angry.

I looked to the see where I can change it, but it isn't clear where I can do to remove the drop down option of "View all leads".  Can anyone point me in the right direction\?
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The views are not the problem, you need to consider security. I suggest you review your security roles and for users have it so that they can only see leads that they own whereas managers can see all leads.
Hi tsaico,

Go through this:

It is a fairly technical article but it should help you understand how CRM security works and then you can customize your security model.

Feel free to ask any question that you might have around this.

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Ok, perhaps I should be more clear.  The security role is what I am trying to look into per the title.  I am not sure where the setting is to not allow the "view other users' leads" is.  The security seems to be mostly there, where if it isn't assigned to you or are you are not the manager, it doesn't allow you to change anything, but I want to also block them from viewing anyone else's leads, contracts, etc. at all.  When i mod the rights, it ends up blocking their own leads too, which obviously is wrong.  I am looking for the setting of "Prevent reading of other user's lead" button and that is what I am missing and am trying to get help on.
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Within each security role, there are privleges for each record type for various actions such as read (view), delete, update (modify) and so on.

For each privilege, the depth (colour of the circle) specifies the set of records for which the user can perform the action. The lowest level (aside from none) is User level, so the user can perform the action only the records they own. The highest level is Organization where the the user can perform the action on any record.  

A user receives privleges via membership of security roles and can belong to one or more roles.
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Thanks, I must not have published/saved or something when I tried that.  Changing the Lead READ column to just user level is what I had needed to do.  Now when they look at all leads, it only shows them theirs