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Paperless office software online vs local


We are looking into a paperless office solution to convert all documents into a PDF that can be easily accessed on the network and remotely for a few of our sales team.

Any recommendations for a SAAS solution or local software?

We already have acrobat pro a quality document scanners.
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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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Are you saying changing Emails to PDF ? If so why dont you have the Msg or PST's on a Shared location and let all users access it or if Exchange or Sharepoint then have them into some Shared folder

- Rancy
convert all documents into a PDF
What types of documents are you looking to convert into PDF? If they are all MS Office docs, then the Office "Save as PDF or XPS" feature should do the trick. This feature is built into Office 2010 and Office 2013, and is available as a free add-in for Office 2007 here:

We already have acrobat pro a[nd] quality document scanners.
I assume this means your scanners are already creating PDF files and that none of these needs to be converted – right?

Regards, Joe
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Yes.  We already have scanners and a method to create PDF files.

What we are looking for is a document management solution so we can search the pdf files and view them remotely on the road.

We are looking for a secure online scanned document management solution.
I suggest taking a look at Alfresco in the cloud:

I have used Alfresco locally only, but the cloud implementation is built on the same core technology and its specs indicate that they have paid attention to security issues that are inherent with cloud-based solutions.

Btw, do your scanned PDF files have text in them? In other words, did you run OCR on them during (or after) scanning to create what is usually called PDF searchable image files (PDF files with a layer containing the scanned image and a layer containing the text created by OCR)? Regards, Joe
Have a look at 2013 Best Document Management Software Reviews:

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Joe Winograd
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