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Checking for OOF messages


We are running Exchange 2010 SP2.

One of our users (John Doe) in OOF and has set up an OOF on their Outlook. However, someone (Jane Doe) claims they sent him a mail and they didn't receive an OOF message stating that he was out.

Apart from Exchange Message tracking, is there any way in Outlook our user can find out if an OOF was generated for Jane's message? Both John and Jane have mailboxes on the internal Exchange org.
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Don't forget that OOF messages can be configured to: Send once and Send during the following hours.
Nopes apart from Message tracking there is no other way :(

One thing is there that OOO is sent only the first time and not again till the User reset's his OOO whereas if you want a OOO kindof message to be sent for every email .... simply set a Outlook Server-side Auto-Reply rule

- Rancy