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server 2003 to 2008 r2 sp1 domain migration

I need to migrate my 2003 sp2 domain to a new server running Server 2008 r2 Sp1. The server will handle dhcp and dns in addition to AD. Same roles as the old. Once migrated the new server will need to be renamed to the same hostname as the old server.  Any direction on tech docs to perform this would be helpful and greatly appreciated.
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Is there a particular reason to keep the old name. It is very difficult and not recommended to rename a domain controller.
Any references to the old name could quite easily be redirected to the new server just using a CNAME (or alias) record in DNS!
Hi promote the 2008 server to a DC let the AD replicate across to the new server. To copy the DHCP follow this document. Although you can rename the DC it may cause you some issues
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we use a medical managment software that is pointed at the old server hostname. Looks like it would be easier to change the config files on the workstation ends rather than try to change the name after the fact. Thank you. I will review these suggestions.
I am wondering if the 2003 server being 32bit and the new server being 64bit throws any additional steps into the mix?
no there won't be any additional steps with X64
The bit-wise standards of each operating system cause no additional issue between the two. The only time one would run into a problem is if you were trying to upgrade the 32-bit machine to a 64-bit OS. Upgrade isn't possible in that case.
I just tried to run adprep, and entered C, but then then this message came up:

adprep was unabable to extend the scheme
the schema master did not complete a replication cycle after the last  reboot...

I may be wrongly assuming, but does this mean the server 2003 I am running this on is NOT the schema master?

The previous IT person had migrated all the offic data to a newer 2003 server (the one I ran adrep on with error), but now I am seeing that he may not have made this one the primary DC.

So, I guess I should try running this on the previous 2003 server, and see if it works. Question is, does adprep need to be run on both 2003 servers, or just the schema master and then wait for replication before continuing with domainprep and 2008 dc setup?
If the 2003 server that is the schema master is no longer working, is there a way to promote the other 2003 server  I tried running adprep on (see my last post above)? I am not having much luck getting the older 2003 server to boot into windows. Thanks for the continued help!
Ok...So now your schema master 2003 is confirm run dcdiag /test:fsmocheck

If the above test failed then seize the roles to working DC and perform metadata cleanup of Failed DC

then try running adprep32.exe on new schema master dcdiag /q and it should be error free before running adprep32

Metadata cleanup:

Seize FSMO role:

Once you have seized the roles to new DC make sure you don't connect old DC to network unless you have re-installed the old one
If you seize the roles, make sure that 2003 box doesn't come back online (don't try to fix it at that point)


OK, another wrench was thrown into my mix from the software developer. The hostname of the 2008 server apparently has to be the same as the 2003 server we are migrating from. This is due to our medical records system tagging files with the hostname, which sucks. At this point, since we dont have a large AD database, I think setting up the 2008 domain as a new one, and using the same hostname may be best. I will just make sure the 2003 servers are removed from the network. Then I can hopefully attach the workstations to the 2008 server with same domain name. Only issue I guess will be migrating over the user profiles or merging the old with the new.
once you have removed the metadata you can use the host name of failed DC

refer below link to know about DC hostname rename procedure
I dont think this will work, as there are 3 servers in the mix here. The old 2003 server that is the scema master (which has failed). The newer 2003 server which I would use to seize the role of Schema master, and then the new 2008 server, which I want to migrate DC roles to. The 2003 server seizing the roles is the one with the hostname that I need for the 2008 server. I am going to proceed with creating a new domain on the 2008 server with same domain name and hostname as the 2003 server, and just migrate my user profiles using User Profile Wizard on the workstations. I think this is my best option at this point.
You could use a CNAME in DNS to point the med. software to the new server without having to rename the new DC.