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How To Get Excel To Dynamically Update One Worksheet With The Rows Of Another If Criteria Match

Ok, this is the setup, worksheet1 is my master list with tons of info; one column  named 'Approvers' is populated with names. Would like to make other worksheets 2, 3 etc. that only contain the rows that have corresponding 'Approver'; as i make changes or add rows with data the worksheet will check for the Approver name and automatically copy that row to the appropriate worksheet. Otherwise I'll be stuck making updates to multiple worksheets whenever there's a change.

I'm sure there's a way to do this, thank you soooo much for your help!
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Jacques Geday
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yes for sure could you post a sample of the data so we can get you this correctly ? (make sure you also post the worksheet's real name that need to be updated as well.
You can use the Advanced Filter function to achieve this; I have answered similar question in that vane so might be worth a search for Advanced Filter while I try and find previous questions.

Rob H
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Thank you for responding, I've prepared a sample worksheet as you requested. So for example I'm trying to have rows in the first worksheet  who's value under the column named 'Plan Approvers' match the criteria i set (Jane Doe) automatcially be copied to another worksheet.
This datasheet will be edited often so I want to make sure when I change the name of an approver that their name is removed from one worksheet and added to another worksheet that corresponds to the new name.

THank you so much for your time and patience, your help is appreciated.
I'm trying problems using the 'Advanced Filter', its giving me reference errors when copying across worksheets.
Just thought, you might be able to use pivot tables as instead.
How about is there a way to mirror the first worksheet on the second worksheet but apply filters to the second worksheet.  That way any changes made to either are updated on the other?
That's what a pivot table would do for you using the Page field for the approver.
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No one really provided a solution for what I was asking. I figured it out myself.