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Security settings on Recieve Connectors

Could someone please post me the default settings on the default recieve connectors on a Exchange 2013 server? I think i messed them up while setting up a server and did not take a screenshot of the default settings.

What I need is the Security settings for them. Both Authentication settings and Permission Groups.

The default recieve connectors are:
Client Frontend
Client Proxy
Default Frontend
Outbound Proxy Frontend
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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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Thanks Rancy. This fixed the problem for one of the "Default 'server'" connector. Still need settings for the other ones.
Sir i am not at my Labs so very difficult and only way i am doing is through Internet if you want just share more details or check the internet and we can run through the article and try to fix things

- Rancy
Well, my problem is that I messed up the connector settings while setting up the server. Got them working again but when I was to set up a relay connector all flow to recipients stopped working. Disabled the relay connector and it started working again.

Think the problem is because the security settings on one of the connectors are wrong. Searched for default settings on google for some hours now but cant find a site that displays the default settings for all the connectors.
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The product is too new and havent found such article on the net for many a products .... In toolbox there should be a readiness check tool try to run and see if that reports something

- Rancy
Describes the settings I needed.