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Outlook prompting for password but not accepting it.

A user changed their password through OWA over the weekend.  When they came in on Monday and opened Outlook it prompted for a password.  Problem is it will not accept the password.  I have tried resetting the password, checking for stored passwords, deleted the mail profile (now I can't recreate it), tried on another PC.  The user has an Android phone which is still working as does OWA.  They just can't use Outlook.  The PC is Windows 7 Pro with Office Pro 2010 and we use Exchange Server 2010.  They are connecting over the LAN.  I've tried trying to set up the profile using autodiscover and manually with the same result.  It prompts for a password but does not accept it.  It should just be using windows authentication.  We use Microsoft Dynamics Nav and the user has no problems logging into that with windows authentication.
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try entering the old pasword when logging into outlook (do not click save credentials)
outlook will again ask for a password, now enter the newly made password (click save credentials)

that should solve it.

if it doesn't, go to the clients computer , open a cmd -prompt as a domain administrator
type: "control /name Microsoft.CredentialManager" without the quotes (watch the spacing after control and /name)

credential manager will open.

in this screen, delete all credentials that start with something that looks like MS:outlook.
reboot. Restart outlook , give in fresh credentials and save credentials.


ps: you said you can't recreate the profile? what error ensues ?
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I will try that but I have the same results on a PC that the user has never used.  When I recreate the profile it prompts for password but does not accept any of them.  Outlook should never ask for a password in our environment.


Make sure you have selected appropriate authentication mechanism on outlook configuration on the proxy connection settings.

However, before looking at you can check whether Microsoft Exchange Forms-Based authentication service started and running on the server.

Sanjay Santoki
Credential Manager is blank.  No passwords worked.
Authentication is default setting in outlook.  Everything worked fine on Friday.  This just started on Monday(Yesterday) after the password was changed over the weekend. The Microsoft Exchange Forms-Based authentication service is running.  I don't think it has anything to do with the Exchange server as we do not have any other users with this problem.  The password has been set back to what it was on Friday through AD and still no luck.

if there are no credentials to delete, let's add them manually.

open the cred manager again as in the post above.

click 'add a generic credential'

in the 3 lines type the following:
the username defined in AD
the current password.

save the credentials and restart outlook.

if the credentials are asked again, fill in the password you provided in the cred manager.

check if it works.
That did not work.  Still asks for password but won't accept any.

have you tried changing the password to something else, then entering the old pass and after that the new one?

edit: can the persone still log in through OWA? if a  password error occures, try the old password again.
I have tried a different password and no luck.  Yes OWA works fine when logging in with any current password.
allright , thanks for the input,

can you tell me exactly what happens (errors etc) when you create a new profile?

make sure outlook is not running (also check taskmanager) and make the profile from config screen -> mail -> profiles
I don't get any errors it just prompts for a the users password and won't accept it.  So because of that I can't create the profile.  I just added the profile to my outlook and I received this error:

Microsoft Outlook
Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. Microsoft Exchange is not available.  Either there are network problems or the Exchange server is down for maintenance.
When this error occures it's mostly because the outlook data files are opened somewhere else. can you check if his profile is opened anywhere else? could be at home, could be on another computer. try resetting all open accounts before opening his profile on your outlook.
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After trying many different things it was solved by a coworker.