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Kurio 7 Tablet keeps disconnecting from WIFI!!

Hi Guys,

Just bought the kids an Android 4.0.3 Kurio 7 tablet.

Problem I am having is that the tablet keeps disconnecting from our Sky wifi router?!

When I reboot the router the tablet connects and works for a while but then it'll disconnect again!!

Any help or ideas please?

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I have tried both static IP and DHCP as well as changing the DNS addresses.

Still no joy..
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I've seen this with a Droid Bionic. Every other device (android, iOS, various flavors of Windows) connect seamlessly to a router I manage, but the one device will work fine, sometimes even for a week or more, and then suddenly start a cycle where it connects and immediately disconnects, reconnects then disconnects, etc, etc. It'll do this until the router is rebooted, then work fine. I've tried upgrades on the router firmware, and everything else I can think of.

My best guess is that there is a minor incompatibility somewhere in the system. In the end, the cure was to set up another router.

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Thanks for the response, I kind of thought things might head that way.. I've got an old (and bloody reliable!!) Linkysys router in the loft but can't use it as it would break contract rules and regs for the Sky broadband that I have currently got (something to do with automatic firmware upgrades and checks...)

I have looked for firmware upgrades but am not having much joy.. =(

I have even tried altering the lease time for IP address.. no joy.

The Sky router is made by Netgear if that makes any difference?!

Any other suggestions or ideas? Is there anything that can be altered/upgraded on the Android side?

Thanks again for your help!
Hook up the Linksys as a wireless AP connected to the Sky router, put in a tough password, and only connect the one Android device to it?
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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

I ended up selling the kurio.
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Don't worry about it buddy. I think it was more the device at fault.. Our other iOS and android devices work fine.

Thanks anyway!