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"Application-defined or object-defined" error and "Object variable or With block variable not set"

Installing an old v3.0.22 version of AlphaLAW Esprit onto a new Windows 7 64-bit PC, I get a series of error messages.

AlphaLAW is an accounting program used by lawyers and it runs from its own .EXE but uses a .MDB database.

It gave an error "429 - ActiveX component can't create object" but running as an Administrator cleared that.

Now I'm left with the errors "713 - Application-defined or object-defined error" and
"91 - Object variable or With block variable not set" when using different parts of the program.

The errors seem, from a non-programmer's eyes, something to do with Visual Basic and Google searches tell programmers what to do when their own code generates these messages.  

Is there anything we can do as end users to get this old program to work in Windows 7?  It did work under Windows Vista 32-bit, so I'm hoping that it still can do under Windows 7.
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There is a lot of code that was written for 32 bit OS's that simply will not run in a 64 bit OS.

These code need to be updated:

There may be another way to workaround this, so let's see what other Experts post.


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That's not something a user of a program can fix though, is it?
Have you tried running the program in Compatibility mode? To do that, locate the main .exe file and right click, select Properties, select the Compatibility tab and select one of the options in the Compatability dropdown. You might also try to select the Run As Administrator box ...

Note you should do this while logged in as an Administrator on the machine.
Did you install the program in Administrator Mode?

If it does not work after this then your best bet is to create a Windows XP Virtual Machine inside your Windows 7 system and install the older software on that.  ( Had to do the same to get some legacy 16 bit programs to run in our office.)
Yes, installed as an Administrator, also ran setup in Windows XP compatibility mode, running the program itself as a standard user and administrator in compatibility modes for XP and Vista: no dice
well it looks like you get a version of the program that is Win7 64bit compatable or use an XP VM with the old software.
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Unfortunately that client turned out to be a bit of a chump and he's gone off in a strop because he thought I should be happy working for free. I'm frustrated by that only through my interest in finding a solution to his problem, so without access to his machine or software I can't confirm Bitsqueezer's answer but it sounds authoritative and fits with the software's support dept who later said they could fix it (for a fee, which naturally he was reluctant to entertain)