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Disconnected mailboxes in Exchange 2010 server after moving to new database

I moved some mailboxes from one database (let call it database 1) into smaller databases. The mailboxes are in the new databases and working fine but the mailboxes name are still listed under 'Recipient cOnfiguratio/Disconnected Mailbox' with the old database 1 name,

All database were backed up last night.

I just changed the orginal database to keep deleted mailboxes for 1 day (it was 30.)

Enable background database maintenance is (24  7 ESE scanning) is checked on the orginal database

How do I tell the server to purge the copies in database 1 immediately?
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Refer below link to change policy for deleted mailbox item.

After change the Keep deleted mailboxes for (days) to 1 day . run  Exchange run the "Database Maintenance", the mailbox will be deleted. And Event ID 9532 will be recored.
 "The mailbox has been removed from mailbox database"
If the mailbox is not be deleted, the Event ID 9533 will also be recored.

For more info refer below link :
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If there are some mailboxes, I'd assume you're talking of 25-50 mailboxes and not more.

If that be the count, go to disconnected mailboxes, select all of them - right click and purge.

You're worries are over in 2minutes :)

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1 - Exchange_Geek, it was more that 50 mailboxes and I did not get the purge option.

2- I used the link provided by randy and used this version of the command without the confirm:$false and ended up answering A as confirmation of delete for every mailbox to be deleted.  A did not act as answer ALL.

#Remove all SoftDeleted disconnected mailboxes from a Database
$Mailboxes = Get-MailboxStatistics -Database "Database-01" | where {$_.DisconnectReason -eq “SoftDeleted”}
$Mailboxes | foreach {Remove-StoreMailbox -Database $_.database -Identity $_.mailboxguid -MailboxState SoftDeleted}
So is the command executed and mailboxes removed

- Rancy