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Clear Autocomplete in OWA for all Mailboxes

Hi All,
I have been asked to remove the Autocomplete function from Outlook 2010 and OWA. I also need to clear the cache.

Outlook 2010 autocomplete was an easy fix (GPO).  The only way I can get Outlook to start in CleanAutoCompleteCache mode is to set Outlook to start at logon. Is there a way to do this without it auto starting at logon (perhaps a registry entry?)

OWA is proving a lot more difficult. I know you can do this individually using OWA Light but we have 1800 users and would like to make this a global setting. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I think the autocompletes are based on the folder Suggested Contact, under contact of course.

If you remove it from there does it remove it from the list?
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