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Quickbooks cannot delete this account because it has a balance or it is used in at least one transaction, in an item, or in your payroll setup

How do I find all the entries for an account in the register?

If I use Reports, Accountant & Taxes, Transaction Detail by Account only part of the account (the subaccount) name shows under split. Is there a way to make both the account and the subaccount show in Transaction Detail by Account or is there another way to find the whole account name?

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I am not sure about the delete vs closing. If I go to the chart of accounts then the selection is delete account.

I did find my first problem in that the entry was 0.0 on 12/31/11. That was the whole register. So apparent entering 0.0 was sufficient for Quickbooks to decide there was a transaction and not allow me to delete the account.

The Split in the Transaction Detail by Account apparently means that Quickbooks is using the column for different things first by showing the subaccount from the registry and then the register name?. Since Quickbooks calls what I knew as categories the name accounts, I not sure what each register is labeled.
Usually things are related in some way. Otherwise it would be chaos. Quickbooks is not using the same column for two completely unrelated things, unless it's the same column on two completely different reports and the column is just in the same place on the monitor. There's a lot more categories of information in Quickbooks than can fit across the screen.

Did you import into Quickbooks and now are learning to use the program. Some of the terminology is a bit different from standard bookkeeping. But it's very sensible and rational. Accountanting firms use Quickbooks, but they use different  terminology, because they don't want people to do their own accounting.

I'm not positive I understand the term, account, the way you're using it.
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The term account comes directly from Quickbooks. I just using the term as I find it. If I go to Chart of Accounts then I select Account to add, edit, delete entries from Chart of Accounts.

I also using split as I find it. The report is called Transaction Detail by Account. The report split column first lists the account as found in the Chart of Accounts that falls under Expense then later that same split column is used for accounts such as credit card.  The same column is used for expense account and for credit card account.

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