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Windows 8 Home Premium Update does not work.

Hi Everyone.
I sold a new Lenovo g530 notebook and after few weeks it come down with a fault that Windows update is not working.  I tried known cures for it, such as stopping service and renaming folder etc. I also tried Microsoft's own fix-it which does what I tried. It seems to install the updates but after reboot can not apply the updates and reverts to the before state. I will re install windows but wanted to find the cure if there is one. Thanks everyone.
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Joseph O'Loughlin
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http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949358#method3 (inplace upgrade maybe)

Also look at issues here:


Otherwise, yes clean install will def fix it.
Make a backup that you trust.

Because your question can be interpreted at least two ways,

Stick with Windows 7 on this machine, and don't update to Windows 8 Home Premium, as even with touch peripherals, that I doubt are being used, there is little practical benefit even then.  

There's a matrix of supported updates, so if not already home basic or home premium on the machine, you instead have to buy a higher tier of Windows 8.

There are 32 bit Windows 7 and 64 bit Windows 7 drivers for your machine.  On Windows 8 YMMV.  See the compatibility centre

If it's a problem with Windows Update, the patching applet, not working:

If there's confilcting security software, e.g. two realtime virus scanners, uninstall (and this could be awkward, requiring a utility from the vendor) the older program.

Scan for malware with an updated copy of Malwarebytes, and take remedial action for anything found. Trivial things like cookies aren't of concern.

Do a system restore using
back to a date before you sold it,

Set your default browser back to IE.
Reapply the windows updates.  
Take your time over updating IE10, to make sure Windows Update continues to work.
Keep updating windows until you recreate the problem or this aspect is up to date.

What particular update is failing/looping?

Once up to date, set your default browser back to the new owners preferred browser.

Check the eventlogs for warnings and errors.  WMI problems?  Disk errors could be causing corruption, (disk failing now out of warranty).  Time and date changes could be a flat CMOS battery, that a notebook repair shop should be able to change.  The wrong time can stop windows updates.

Go to filehippo and download and run their adviser.  From the results page choose hide betas.  Print this page.  Go to ninite.com and select everything from your printout that's available.  Install these updates.  Reboot, rerun adviser and download and update the remaining applications from the results.  Partial risk that previously free programs now become shareware / trial versions.

Use ShouldIRemoveIT.com's tools to review spurious applications
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First of all Notebook came with Windows 8 on it. It shows 44 updates and install goes through. Next it shows 34 updates and looks like installing the lot. But after reboot I can see updates are not installed.
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Joseph O'Loughlin
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Hello everyone.
Problem starts with Microsoft prioritization of the updates. It installs Internet explorer updates first and this causing the rest of the updates to fail. I have set updates to not to install automatic. Ones downloaded installed reversed (bottom ones first) and few at a time with types of updates together ie security etc. It seems to work. Microsoft take notice. Thanks to everyone for the answers and time.
In a previous life, I provided support for IE, IE3 and IE4 at the time, for Microsoft.
It's not unusual to find it takes 8 download, patch, and reboots to bring an unpatched system up to date.  Another problem area is the order .Net patches get installed.
Glad it's fixed.  Keep on top of patching your system, and backups, as they aren't perfect.
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