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What is the best method for allowing multiple users to enter or analyze data simultaneously?


I am trying to build a tool that collects data from many users, possibly at the same time,  and then have a team of people make updates to the data that is collected, possibly at the same time.

Can I have some opinions on the best applications for this job? Exactly what would I need?  

We are conservatively talking about 75,000 records over the course of a year, it could double, but I don't think that would make a big difference on the tools required.

My company is currently running Office 2007 and I have a 2010 SharePoint site.  My research to this point indicates my goals can't be accomplished with these tools alone.  If I am wrong, please let me know. By the middle to end of this year, we will be running SharePoint 2013, but the project needs to get off the ground this month.

Please give me a best option, where money/resources are not an issue and perhaps a poor-mans option, one that would be enough just to get by without any bells or whistles.

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Use Microsoft Access or SQL server - the latter for 'heavier use'
The other difference in KCTS's recommendation besides "heavier use" is that Access is included in Office where SQL needs to be purchased extra. ( Cost )  :(

It doesn't sound like the number of records are unreasonable for Access however the other factors are how many users simultaneously will be using the program and the hardware (RAM, Disk, processor, etc).
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What would I need as the interface for people that are not savvy enough to navigate Access or SQL?  

Can an Access database be housed, opened, and shared within my SharePoint? Or would I need to keep it on a network shared drive?

Are there any canned Access templates that could be redone for my purpose? I am looking at only 16 fields of data.
I have not used Sharepoint so can not fully answer your second question.

First question:  You build the interface in Access so that you want your users to see. They won't actually see any of what goes on behind the scene.

There are plenty of "canned" templates available.  I suggest that you decide what you want to do and then look at what is already created.  

Do a quick internet search for:  access 2007 templates   to find all sorts of templates.
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depending ob the UI, I would suggest to create an ASP.NET web application enriched with asynchronous elements/ AJAX/jQuery, using SQL server as database.
As you already have SharePoint there is a good chance that there is alteady a SQL server in place.

Can you point me to something that uses what you suggest?

I think a web app would be ideal, I just don't know if it is feasable or not given the resources I may or may not have to work with.