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Populate text box on tab page in tab control


I have a data entry form with a tab control with a number of pages.  On load my form populates a number of the text boxes.  The problem is populating text boxes which are on the non-active tab page. Only the text boxes on the front page can be populated.  For instance "EmailAddressTextBox.Text = .Item("EmailAddress")" only works if the EmailAddressTextBox.Text is on the first tab on on the main form itself.

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John (Yiannis) Toutountzoglou
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The Controls in tabcontrol are created when the tabpage has focus...
use selecetedindex event to populate the EmailAddres TextBox...

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It works fine for me...VS2010 running on Win8.

All ten TextBoxes, one in each Tab, got populated from the Load() event:
Public Class Form1

    Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        TextBox1.Text = "1"
        TextBox2.Text = "2"
        TextBox3.Text = "3"
        TextBox4.Text = "4"
        TextBox5.Text = "5"
        TextBox6.Text = "6"
        TextBox7.Text = "7"
        TextBox8.Text = "8"
        TextBox9.Text = "9"
        TextBox10.Text = "10"
    End Sub

End Class

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In the above case if the CheckBox Is not DataBound the CheckState changes also in Form Load Event As Idle Mind said..
If it is...then it does not...

I think  that this is because the Binding is initialized when a control is shown
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Hello, thanks for looking at this.

Yes, it's correct that non-bound controls work on the load event but data bound controls do not.  Populating the controls using the selectedindexchanged event approach works fine.  You just have to put a check mechanism in place to prevent the textboxes being re-populated each time the user selects the tab page and changing any modifications they have made - I've taken a simplistic approach so I've added the following to the event:-

If TabControl1.SelectedIndex = 1 Then
If inttabpage1 = 1 then
' user has already selected tabpage so don't trigger repopulate.
'populate text boxes
inttabpage1 = 1

end if

thanks again