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Bacula - setup to relay through Exchange 2010 server


I have been trying to get Bacula setup to send notices on backup jobs.  I have been trying various configs in the bacula-dir.conf file but can't get it to work.  

This is the Messages section of the bacula-dir.conf currently with email and relay changed to generic:

# Reasonable message delivery -- send most everything to
#   the email address and to the console
Messages {
  Name = Daemon
  mailcommand = "/usr/sbin/bsmtp -h my exchange relay -f \"\(Bacula\) %r\" -s \"Bacula: %t %e of %c %l\" %r"
  operatorcommand = "/usr/sbin/bsmtp -h my exchange relay -f \"\(Bacula\) %r\" -s \"Bacula: Intervention needed for %j\" %r"
  mail = myemail = all, !skipped !terminate
  console = all, !skipped, !saved
  append = "/var/log/bacula.log" = all, !skipped !terminate
  operator = my email = mount
  catalog = all, !skipped, !saved

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I have added the bacula host to be allowed to relay.   No email is coming to "my email".  not sure where to check on the Centos server for logs.  Anyone have a similar setup that could help, maybe post there config for Messages.
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Sorry I did not see your reply until now.

When I ran both of the commands I get:

bsmtp: bsmtp.c:145 Fatal malformed reply from 501 5.1.7 Invalid address
did you change it back from the generic to the actual ?

if you had the error with the actual, then at a guess, you are trying to use "bacula" instead of "bacula@server.domain".
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I hadn't changed it, missed that.

I tried changing it to bacula@myemaildomain and got the same error.

I then tried this /usr/sbin/bsmtp -h -f \"\<Bacula@.myemaildomain>\ %r\" -s \"Bacula: %t %e of %c %l\" %r

I added the <> around email and while I did not get the error I did not receive an email, so not sure what happened.
I would hope that your Exchange server logged it ?

Are you running any 3rd party filtering software on your Exchange server ?
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It never made it to exchange.  No 3rd party filtering.
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Is it possible to use another program than bstmp to send the mail?
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Figured this out by using the debug option for bsmtp.  My synatax for the command was not correct.