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Sharepoint 2010 Feature Problem

I somehow have a feature that appears twice in the "Site Collection Features"  list I was able to look it up, see that its scoped at the site level, I was able to deactivate it but whenever I try to Uninstall it completely I get the error "Cannot fine a feature object with path or ID "NameOfMyFeature" in scope Local Farm.  

I did some reading, specifically This article, my problem is identical.

I wasnt able to get the suggested Powershell script to work
#Checking against a specific Site Collection and it's subsites
Get-SPSite "<SiteCollectionUrl>"|Get-SPWeb -limit ALL|%{
$FeatureExists = Get-SPFeature -Identity $WebScopedFeatureID -Web $_;
Write-Host $_.Url;

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Also, I've tried FeatureAdmin from Codeplex and when I activate the feature it shows up in the list, I can then tell it to remove it but all that does is deactivate it... the blasted thing still shows up in the list.  

Help ????
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Uttam (Kukdai) Dhakal
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so what actually you are trying to do.
are you trying to remove the feature,
i am hoping you have installed two different feature with same feature display name but different feature ID.

did you check in the Hive the 14 folder if your feature exists there or not.

the way of uninstalling is you do it from the server using power shell or stsadm. i am hoping you are doing that.

if you have the solution which adds the feature in the VS studio check it, try to read the manifest where you can see the ID of the feature.

check the hive folder as well as the .wsp solution of the feature compare the IDs. may be that is not coming correct.
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I was never able to resolve this issue