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MS Access looking not accessed records

We have a DB that has been in use, (and repairs are run regularly).

Later I've noticed the Access is locking orders that are not even being accessed.

We have a main entry form and users can navigate with this form either by entering an order number (unique key) Autonumber non editable, primary key indexed with no duplicates.

This has been working fine but now I see that if a new record is created or an order just one record away from each (i.e. Order 789 and 790) that one is locked while the other is being worked on even though the locked order was never touched by user.  Ex. User creates 790 after 789 was created, user exits form goes back in and enters 790 to hit that record directly 789 is locked even though he never touched or access 789.

Any ideas?  (Sorry for being wordy)
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Jeffrey Coachman
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<Any ideas? >
Without a sample db for reference, this is difficult to say...
How are you sure that the record is "Locked"
A "Locked" record is not the same thing as a record that cannot be accessed.

Do you have any recordset code that might affect "adjacent" records?

Sometimes (not properly closed) recordset code will "Lock" a record(s)

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Resolved with my discovery.