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Windows Server Failover and load balance solution

I have a project in mind that need some expert advice from other members.

The project I have in mind is to network two offices located in different city under the same domain running two separate servers that will replicate each other in real time or have it configure for load balancing. The ideas and intention here is to have the servers configured so that if one server goes down (due to hardware),  users from both location are not affected by it unless both the server and internet is down at the same location.

Specs I have in mind

Two site -both connected by VPN Site to Site

Two server - both running Window 2008 R2 /w Exchange 2010. Also running DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory replicating each other. Best way to do this. Don't know? Need help.

I understand server clustering and 3rd party software like Double Take will do this. Are these the only options here? Or is there another way I can approach this?

I'd also like to have the users at each office to connect to the server closes to them first ( the server residing at their location). This way it will not impact the end user experience.

Thanks in advance!
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Sushil Sonawane
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Keep one site primary domain controller and second site secondary (ADC)domain controller.

For Active directory not require a server fail over or load balance solution. Because if one server down user will automatic connect to another server so there is no effect on your operation.

As you mention two exchange server environment keep user mailbox user location as per there location.
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Hi sushi84,

Thanks for responding.

Your suggestion will work. And this is what I have currently set up.  However, computers are dependent and tied down to the server at the location and services that are hosted by the server like dhcp, dns, and exchange service/database used for that location.

I'd would like to set up a network so that user/computers are not dependent and can utilize all these service regardless if one server failed. Like a mirror server.
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Thanks for all the recommendation so far.

It sounds like clustering would be my best option. Any recommendation on a failover clustering software other than using Windows clustering which only come as a service on Enterprise edition?

Also, I want to know how everyone with my similar network are managing their domain and user across multiple office. Clustering or separate Window server setup running a separate exchange server DB for the site plus AD,DNS, DHCP replication between domain controllers.

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