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Excel Question: Pull data from one sheet to populate another

I have a spreadsheet where I track my activities relative to my contacts and clients.  On another, I have a directory of my contacts and in that I have columns where I track the number of actions I've taken on their account as well as the most recent date of any action.  In addition. I've categorized each contact in terms of how important they are to my business.

I want to populate a spreadsheet just for those contact I've categorized as "very high" in importance and another for those who are "high".  In that, I want their name, number of actions and most recent date.

I started trying to figure out a VLOOKUP that would look for "Very High" in Column B and then pull the correct names from Column A, Action Sum from F and latest date from C.

How would I do that?
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Vlookup is better for unique values, looking up "very high" will probably just keep giving you the first "very high" it finds, and just keep doing that.

Filtering as suggested, or sort by importance, and if it's not staying in order change the text to numbers, 4 being very high, 3 being high so it sorts correctly.

but if you really want a macro for it that's do-able too.
I'd use a Pivot Table, specifically using the feature where each "Page" field is output to a separate sheet. Requires no vba, no formulae and updates with one click. edit: bearing in mind Pivot Tables are designed to take the place of mass lookups.

To pull data from two sheets into one report can be done using point and click techniques with MS Query (old ways) or PowerPivot (new ways). Google Powerpivot and download for Excel 2010. Not Mac, try MS Query for that.

Maybe post some test data and we can practically evaluate our various suggestions.
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The filter approach is all I need.  I don't even need the data on a separate sheet.  All I need to do is see those folks I've said are the most important who I have not "touched."  This is perfect and easy.  

I'd like to give partial credit to the other contributors, but this suggestion was first and complete for me.

Thanks to all.  This is amazing.