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Remote management of QinQ Alcatel-Lucent OS6450 swtich

We have had a change to our switch vendors product which has caused us problems with remote management of our QinQ switches.
We are looking at the Alcatel-Lucent OS6450 switches and I was wondering how people remotely manage these switches if they are used as QinQ only switches?
We are getting some trial switches in about 2 weeks and I want to prepare for this. Please note that they will be coming back to an HP switch on a QinQ provider port.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Sandeep Gupta
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Switch management is different and QnQ is a technology to save vlans QnQ talks about outer & inner vlan.

what exactly you are looking for??
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What I am looking for is that I will have a QinQ enabled and a dot1Q switch in a remote location and I want to manage the QinQ switch in case I need to add VLANs or even monitor with SNMP for traffic.
Say for example I have 3 QinQ vlans on the one remote switch which sends each QinQ to the same or different location. One of the locations is obviously where my monitoring/management server is and is on a dot1Q vlan. I want to be able to monitor/manage the QinQ switch bearing in mind that at this site I want to use a specific QinQ vlan to get to the remote site.
I hope that makes sense. If it does not I can supply a diagram.
yes you can do management using QnQ, keep in mind to use different QnQ vlan for mgmt purpose.

If you could elaborate on how you would configure this that would be great. Please remember I need to get the management traffic from the QinQ back into the dot1Q vlan for the management server to see it. I was thinking I could use the dot1Q switch which I also have in the remote location to achieve this in some way (worried about spanning tree or something however).
ok..I can help with configuration part.

can you post a digram highlighting IPs, device model?
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This ended up working for me.