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timeout for perl script

I need to set up a timeout about this perl script.
The function recv might sent in hang the script if the are no ldhcp server listening.
use IO::Socket::INET;
use Net::DHCP::Packet;
use Net::DHCP::Constants;
my $result='false';

sub prova() {
my $br_addr = sockaddr_in( '67', inet_aton('') );
my $xid     = int( rand(0xFFFFFFFF) );
my $chaddr  = '00189BF9C1DG';

my $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(
    Proto     => 'udp',
    Broadcast => 1,
    LocalPort => '68',
) or die "Can't create socket: $@\n";
print "inizio:\n";
my $discover_packet = Net::DHCP::Packet->new(
    Xid                           => $xid,
    Chaddr                        => $chaddr,
    Flags                         => 0x8000,
    DHO_HOST_NAME()               => 'Perl Test Client',

$socket->send( $discover_packet->serialize(), 0, $br_addr)
    or die "Error sending:$!\n";
my $buf = '';

$socket->recv( $buf, 4096) or die "recvfrom() failed:$!";
my $resp = new Net::DHCP::Packet($buf);
print "Details:\n" . $resp->toString();
print $ip_offerto;
$result = ($ip_offerto =~ /^\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}$/) ? "true":"false";
print $result;

my $nowtime = localtime(time);

print "\n";
print "\n";
print $nowtime;
print "\n";

if ( $result eq 'true') { 

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the issue is in this point:
$socket->recv( $buf, 4096) or die "recvfrom() failed:$!";
Dear team, any news?  I need a support as soon as possible.
this code doesn't work on windows i did some research on this and found out that SIG doesn't work for windows(book programming Perl). could some one suggest how could I achieve this in windows?
You can try setting the recv timeout after creating the socket.  I'm not sure this will work in windows, but you can give it a try:

//Set a recv timeout of 5 seconds
$socket->setsockopt(SOL_SOCKET, SO_RCVTIMEO, 5000);

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Also, I haven't been able to get setsockopt working properly on Linux or FreeBSD without doing the following, since perl doesn't seem to be packing the 'struct timeval' required by perl properly, so if the line above doesn't work, the following *might* work instead:

//Set a recv timeout of 5 seconds
$socket->setsockopt(SOL_SOCKET, SO_RCVTIMEO, pack('l!l!', 5, 0));

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