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Vmware 5.0 Health Status Warning on BL460c Gen8

I recently installed a BL460C Gen8 server into our Blade chassis. The server is installed with VmWare ESX 5.0. I get the following warning in my health status for the server.

I believe I got all firmware updated on the server.

The Onboard administrator are running FW Ver 3.71 and does not show any problems with the hardware.

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Are you using the HP OEM version of ESXi 5.0?

Check using HP Smart Start Array Configuration utility from the CDROM, to see if any errors are present, otherwise a bogus Alert it does happen.

Check if Battery's are charging if present.
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Thanks for the awnser.

Yes, the HP OEM image has been used. I will revert regarding the HP smart start array utility.


I have seen this on severa Gen8 models.  Upgrading the blade firmware seems to clear it up on most of them, although not all. I have seen this on the DL servers as well
Blade systems are tricky. You need to match certain firmware versions on the backplane, BIOS and administration boards. I would reapply just to be sure.

I see you have the latest firmware versions though.

Also, I would patch your ESXi 5.0 host to the latest build (1024429) or event to 5.1. There has been reporting bugs in the past.  (
It looks like the latest firmware is installed but don't you get a warning if the firmware level is greater than the version that the HP OEM ESXi knows about?

I don't know about that.
I don't know the criteria used but I've actually seen hosts reporting when the firmware versions are old (how old is old? you got me).
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Found the awnser my self.