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How to clear/reduce size of Sharepoint Foundation 2010 Logging database

Hi Experts,
I've been working on our Sharepoint Foundation 2010 database, moving databases from one SQL server to another.  Since I've moved the logging database (WSS_Logging) it's grown to 2.8GB.  It was less than 33MB on its original SQL database server.

How can I clear it down?

Can I set a limit for this logging?  Is so how?

I'm already running it in SQL simple Recovery Mode and using SQL shrink wont work as there's not much free space in the Database.

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Jamie McAllister
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Initial reduction can be done like this through UI or commands;

You can also change the recovery model to simple if that suits your environment and that will limit growth in future.
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Hi Jamie,

This doesnt help I'm afraid.  As I mentioned, shrink wont have any effect and it's already set to simple mode.
I cant believe that none of the shrink methods work for you. If not the UI then DBCC Shrinkfile or the other method should do something for you.

Beyong the above I can only suggest you move the files to another physical drive with more space;
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Hi Jamie,
A shrink will only work if there is free space available in the database or log.   Currently there is only 5MB free out of a 2.8GB main data file with a negligible log file.

Has anyone got another other suggestion on how to reduce the size of the Sharepoint Logging database?

If not, I'll just delete the database and set it up again.

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This fixed the issue.  Shrinking the database did not work.