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ESXi 5.1 datastore with () appended

I was using Acronis to replicate my vm's from host A to host B.  All was well until I installed vCenter and added the host ESX servers.  Now on the replicated server, under the storage option, my datastore is listed as datastore1(5).  My Acronsi replication jobs have all failed.  Why is the () appended to the datastore and why is this affecting the replication job?  Once again, this happened after vCenter was installed.  All was well before that.
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Can you rename the datastore back to what it was prior to joining into vCenter? see if this allows the acronis jobs to complete.
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Yes, that is exactly what I am seeing.  Would it be as simple as renaming the data stores?  They are all named datastore1
Yes, that should overcome the appended ().

And once set in Acronis should work properly.
Best practice is to rename the datastores to something like esxhost1:datastore1, esxhost2:datastore2

This way when you're looking in datastores you can easily tell which host it corresponds to.  You can rename on the fly without affecting VMs.
looks like you have multiple datastores with the same name across different host servers.

we add the hostname in front of local datastores

e.g. esxdev001_vmfs5_datastore1
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Thank you all for your help.  We had a young admin that migrated our environment to VMware after one week of training so I'm sure some of the best practices were missed.
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I am trying to rename the data stores but it is not accepting the changes.  Can this be done while it is has vm's running?  Does this need to be done through vCenter? We just installed vCenter so are not familiar with it yet so we are trying to do things through the vSphere client still.
What error does it give you?  Yes it can be done with VMs online.  vCenter just gives you extra capabilities (sort of what a domain controller gives you in a windows environment).  Make sure you don't the datastore browser open or something accessing the folder on the datastore from the VI client.