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ExMon RPC Active Users Exchange 2010

After a migration from Exchange 2003 to 2010, I have three users that continuously appear in the Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant as "Active Users".  As seen in the picture, the first user is reported to have a high usage due to MAPI SetColumns.  The second is a high user because of MAPI FindRow.  The third is reporting the MAPI WriteStream operation as being the reason.  I'm not familiar with what these messages mean or how to fix them.  I've read reports that these could be results of corrupt calendar items or messages hung in the outbox.  None of the users seem to have anything in the outbox.  The "recover deleted items" console is also very clean.  I have done a mailbox repair request in 2010 for all three with no change in performance.  Any ideas?
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Move them to different DB and check if that makes any difference.
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I already have.  No difference.
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The outboxes for the troublesome users are definitely clear.  Today I'm getting a new operation type 156 on a user that was not appearing yesterday.

ExMon shows the local loopback ::1 on all of my users - not much help.

Yes, the operations stop when Outlook is closed.  Almost all of these users have a mobile device, but it doesn't seem to throw them into the high usage category until they open up their thick Outlook client.

I have had all of my users, both local and distant, configured for online mode.  I'm experimenting now by turning on Cached Exchange Mode for my 13 branch offices that are connected over a WAN.