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Distribution List Membership

(Exclude the use of A/D attributes to generate membership in a dynamic distribution list, we are using that method here fr other purposes)
User A can self add and remove themselves from a distribution list. Can they remain on the list but defer getting new-mail until they re-enable themselves?
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Use security group.
I think the crux of your question lies in the reasoning behind it.  Why would you want to remain a member of a distribution group but not receive its emails?

If you're using it as a security group, don't.

If the user just doesn't want to see the messages until later, then just setup a rule that sends them to another folder and advise them not to look in that folder until they are ready to.
No user can defer getting new emails - if there is a mail enabled distibution list he/she would always get emails part it along with others. If one gets all gets.

If you don't want a user to get emails - remove that user from being a member OR mail disable the group totally.

So thats the same i have said in my first post and Security group isnt a Option ....

- Rancy
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Thanks guys, we were looking for something to allow people to put themselves on  program management lists but go dark while they are out of the office and then get back on again... if they put a feature in that did allow you to stay on the list but not get the e-mails that would be interesting!
Sorry, but i guess that isn't something possible :)

Nothing as such as i said with DL or any features :(

- Rancy
I would certainly find it interesting if Microsoft added a feature to allow you to disable the only thing being a member of a distribution group is designed to do.

Interesting indeed.
For Static
I might write a script and query the OOO status for users which are part of X DL. If Status is True Assume, remove them from DL, if false again add them via querying to a input text file.

In your case you are using a Dynamic DL, so it might be not possible to script it out.