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Publisher or website

This is a random question, but I need someone to make sense of something for me.  A client of mine wants me to put up a website for him.  I am doing so.  In the meantime, he got thousands of business cards printed up that say "His Name, Publisher".  I don't understand why he calls himself a publisher so I asked out of curiosity.  He answered in a very impolite way, "It's a real thing, look it up."  I looked it up and can't find anywhere where someone uses this title unless they are an actual publisher of printed material, eBooks, or informational content.  In fact, the very few paragraphs he has printed on his website aren't even his words, as his website isn't an informational one, but mainly a dating site.

I would have gone with "His Name, Founder" or "His Name, Owner", but he insists that he is the publisher of the website.  I'm big on terminology, and am probably just splitting hairs, but has anyone come across this and/or could explain it to me?
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You are splitting hairs. He is the client and can put anything he/she wants as the title.
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Yes, I am aware that he can put anything that he wants.  But is it the right terminology?
I agree with @padas, he can put whatever he wants.  And that's all it takes to make it "right".  If you don't like it, then maybe you shouldn't work for him.
Terminology is what I'm looking for.  Not if it's right by him or me.
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Thank you, Dave, for a different perspective.
You're welcome.
If you want to compare to print like a newspaper, the title of Publisher is more like a President.   Editorial, Advertising, Production, Finance, Distribution, Circulation all report to the publisher.    

If you own a website, you create content, hire people to create content or use third party service.  You are the owner, publisher, webmaster, chief cook and bottle washer, Chief Evangelist, Head Monkey...or whatever you want to call yourself.