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SQL Crosstab Query

I need to create sql cross-tab report in the attached format which will display only the most recent SubCodeDesc for each main Code based on an effective date.
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SELECT `table`.SubCode, Max(`table`.EffDt)
FROM `table` GROUP BY `table`.SubCode
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GROUP BY approach might work, but you will have to do a conditional aggregate using CASE. For example, MAX(CASE MainCode WHEN '11111' THEN EffDt END) AS MainCode_11111 will get you the most recent effective date for a given SubCode grouping.

EDIT: I remember now why I was going to suggest PIVOT, you want the SubCodeDesc as the value and not the date. Therefore, I would write your data selection subquery with ROW_NUMBER() windowing function and OVER() analytic clause to rank rows by MainCode-SubCode combinations. When you PIVOT rows with rank = 1, you will get the most recent values of SubCodeDesc.
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Kevin Cross
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here's a demonstration of writing a crosstab query for Excel
@urthrilled, Jet's TRANSFORM syntax will not work in SQL Server. You have to use PIVOT and it works differently (as shown above).
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Thanks a lot