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3238-85U Lenovo "mini pc"

I was asked to install winxp on a 3238-85U model lenovo that came preinstalled with win7. Now I have three partitions showing, C drive, D drive and E drive. I'd like to reduce the size of the D drive partition (Windows7_OS) in order to make room to install anything on the C drive partition (where I've put winxp). I'm logged on as an admin, but am still unable to reduce the size or delete the D partition in any way. Is there a different way to create more space on the C drive?
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in that case, you could use Bootit-BM       
make the cd, and boot from it; do NOT install it on the disk - hit cancel
select partition work; now you'll see your partitions like CCCCCCCCDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEE
in order to get free space you select the D: partition, and shrink it; it will then look like
 CCCCCCCCDDDDDxxxEEEEEEEEE  where xxx = free space
now you select D: again, and slide it to the end of that partition, with thsi result :
and now you can enlarge the C: partition