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how to create multiple emails for the same domain?

Hi my first post here just signed up today. I am currently using sbs2008 im my office. One of my guys wants to change his email from to So we dont seem like we only have 3 people. We want both emails to be active since we have alot of printed material that says I want both to be active and going to the same outlook account. I also want people to receive emails that say its from I will phase out eventually but for now i just want to change his email while keeping the other intact and operational. I understand sbs2008 and exchange have a 1 to 1 relationship so i would essentially need to create another account. I would love to get a good explanation on how i should solve this issue. Thank you
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Firstly on the Email address tab of user uncheck the Box "Automatically update email based on policy" (something of that sort) .... now add and set it to Primary and thats it enjoi

- Rancy
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I did those exact steps before but when i go to gmail and send email to I get a reject message saying its not there. 550 No such user - psmtp Does it take days to start working?
No - it should be instant.  Is "" the same on both addresses and just the name is changing?
It will take some time and if you have some firewall it needs to be updated with LDAP with new Email and users to be able to receive email from internet

- Rancy
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