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Issue with a word document that needs to be converted to a PDF for outlook to email

I have been trying every thing to see what is causing this to not work .
I am running Parallels 8 latest build and use windows 7 32 bit version.
If I create a word document (now using Office 2010 did have 2007 before ) and I want to convert it to a PDF in the save and send area ,it will try for a second then just stop and do nothing .In 2007 office it actually crashed and I would have to use task manager to end word and reopen it .
I have booted to the boot camp version (only windows running on the mac but it still will not work .

I think this started when I upgraded to Parallels 8 from 7 but I am not sure .
I am afraid to try to go back in time with Parallels and mess up my config .
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You could try to reinstall Office 2010 and see if anything was broken by the upgrade.

*note: This is miscategorized, please refile under the OSX or virtualization category.

If all else fails, you could install a PDF printer driver and print the document.
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I actually fixed it myself. I abandoned using Outlook mail  all together and made my Apple email as the only priority for emailing  anyone. This in turn allowed me to use the feature that i was using originally and I do not have to change or save any documents before I email a Word converted to PDF in a email . This actually works even better because when I use Apple mail it is all cloud based so I can see what I have done from any device or location .
I understand that Microsoft is trying to do the same sort but overall I have been very happy with apple's iCloud and even how it works with windows .
Thanks for all the suggestions . Ow also I went back to using Office 2007 instead of 2013 .Just find it is much faster with less overhead on the processor in parallels .