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Infected iPad, Please take a look

Hi everyone,

The question might be: Can My iPad Be Infected?

The answer could be:
If you haven't jailbroken your iPad, you should feel safe and secure that your
iPad is virus-clean and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.

There are no viruses that can infect an iPad that has not been jailbroeken.
Well mine is an iPad 3, is not jailbroken, but today I spotted a weird thing.
User generated imageI never seen this on my iPad before, then I tried to opened, but I could not,
then I tried to delete it and same thing, I could not, what could this be?
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Are you kidding me? thats an scam site
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Eoin OSullivan
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Hi eoinosullivan, yes, you are correct, but let me explain...
The reason that leads me to believe that it is a virus or so,
is by its symptom or behavior, I plug the iPad to my USB port,
then I can see is connected, then I see the autorun popup window
the one that ask you if you would like to open it or either transfer
all your pictures, etc. well normally I never click on that little window,
what I normally do is close that window and go to my computer and then
explore the device from there. now since I saw this issue, the problem is
that it does not let me see whats in the iPad folders, the folders look empty.
but if I look at the iPad all the videos and pictures are there.
I'm still unconvinced it is a virus.

More likely a change in iOS (have you recently updated the iPad?) or iTunes or another application on windows has messed with one of your settings on Windows that controls how it treats the iPad.

The usual advice to re-install iTunes or backup the iPad then reset the iPad to default settings and then reload backup would be my first suggestions.
Ill second eoinosullivan's response.  I doubt very very seriously that its malware as well.  Ive seen windows updates cause similar types of issues on the way the iPad interacts with windows.  If you really just want to feel sure download or something equivalent and run the scan.  Your probably not going to find anything.

Hope this helps
Hi binaryevo, thank you for looking at my question.
Now let me explain, the problem is that if I browse my iPad, or should I say, when
I navigate in my iPad I don't get to see what I showed you in the image description,
I only see it when I plug my iPad in my computer.
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Hello guys, you were right, here is my result, I've been using this iPad on Windows 8,
then decided to go back to my other laptop which is Windows 7, and yes I don't seem
to get the same result as in Windows 8, so I think the problem got to be with Win 8.
no doubt, so thank you both for the suggestions and advices.