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Need Select SQL Return results includes the INPUT value..

I have select SQL with Where clause..

Select partnumber,description from IMCCRP.IMC_PARTSEARCH_MQT where partnumber = Replace('01 011',' ','')

Result Output:
PartNumber     Description
01011               ignition

I need the SQL with input parameter in the result..

inputValue      PartNumber       Description
01 011             01011                 ignition

input value should display in the result set as Column(inputValue).Please help me in this.

Thank You
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Select '01 011' as inpitField , ...
From ...
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Thank You.

I am using Preapred Statment in java. Can I put "?" in the statement..

Select ? as inputField, crossref, partnumber from imc.PARTSEARCH_MQT where crossref = Replace(?,' ','')

I am getting the below Error.

Error during Prepare
42610(-418)[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/LINUXX8664] SQL0418N  A statement contains a use of an untyped parameter marker, the DEFAULT keyword, or a null value that is not valid.  SQLSTATE=42610
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Thank You It is working with below statment..

Select cast(? as varchar(64)) as inputField, crossref, partnumber from imc.PARTSEARCH_MQT where crossref = Replace(?,' ','')

Thak You..
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Thank you
Sorry, I were sleeping ! :)

You are right: my select statement can be used with java prepared statements, however, as you noticed, sometimes some casting is required.

I'm happy to know I have contributed to found your solution.