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accessing website from inside the lan

ok so i just got a new job and i inherited a server.unfortunately whomever setup the server gave the internal domain the same name as the external domain so as you would expect when employees try to go to the website they are taken to the http://companyweb page from small business server 2003.

I've had this happen before and all i had to do was add a Host(A) record in the DNS for www pointed to the external ip address where the website is hosted but for some reason that is not working on this server. I also added a blank Host(A) record pointed to the external IP

I've cleared the dns cache, I even added a rules inside the etc\host file but nothing's working.  Is there anything else i'm missing that i'm supposed to do?
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did u try ping the server by name?
 and check it resolves to the correct ip.
e.g. ping

if resolves to correct ip then problem with your webserver
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yes i ping it and it resolved to the correct external ip.. but if i go to the browser and go to it either www or naked domain it takes me to the dumb http://companyweb business server page
-->dumb http://companyweb business server page
 I am not clear on this.

meanwhile please type the IP address of the webserver and check whether your page is opening or not?
http://companyweb is the intrnet site built in microsoft small business server..

so i open i browser and enter and it takes me to http://companyweb (the intranet site)

yes i can hit site by IP
How you open the intranet site http://companyweb?
Do you have a new forwardlookupzone "" created in your internal DNS server?  If not please create one and create an A record www points to the external IP

Meanwhile Please try to open from a PC which is out of domain and which has your internal dns configured in it.
yes you open the intranet site like that..

like i said on my first post.. i alrady created the www record and also a blank record in case people don't type www.  

i'll have to test the non member pc tomorrow when i get to the office and see.
do you have forwardlookupzone named "" created in your internal DNS server?  
Yes that's where the www host(A) record is

Try this solution..

When your trying to open http://companyweb? this webpage. it is going to dump means it is  resolving one server. you install iis in this server then redirect webpage to your external website using  .

i think it will work.

That is a workaround not a solution.
Which will create traffic in the network
The blank host record you created can cause more problems than it solves, as AD uses blank host records to enumerate domain controllers.  I highly recommend deleting it.  Then, make double-sure there's only one "www" host record in the zone and that the machine you're on is only using your internal server for DNS.  Flush the resolver cache on that machine with the ipconfig /flushdns command, flush the server cache by right-clicking the server in the DNS console and selecting "Clear cache," and try to ping again.
Dave thanks for the post.. all that has been done.  I added the blank host out of desperation because the www wasn't working so just to try something else i added the blank host.

I did flush dns with ipconfig command and also by right clicking in the DNS console.  

i can ping just fine and it replies with the correct IP (external) address but if i go to the browser it sends me to the intranet site.  this is so frustrating, i've done this plenty of times and it always works just by adding the www record.  i'm not sure if the fact that it's windows SBS 2003 has anything to do with the problem.
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You're right it is doing a redirect to the naked domain and that's when it gets redirected to the intranet site. Hmm I really don't want to do an AD rename so that only leaves me with few choices. I'm gonna leave this question open for a few more days to see if someone else has any other ideas .
This question comes up a lot. The answer I provided in comment #39053218 is the only solution.