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Re-connect computers to SBS domain

Hi all,

we know computers should be added to an SBS domain using http://connect, failing to do so generates DCOM errors and reporting to the SBS console errors as well.

So, is there a way to re-connect these PC's so their firewall, and tweaks etc are reapplied ? Perhaps running a script or a GPO ?

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If the workstation is already listed in AD, you could right click the workstations computer account and select "Reset Computer Password" wait a couple of minutes then reboot the workstation.
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Thanks both,

@RobWill : how come there are so many DCOM errors in the event log even when all GPOs are applied, they all refer to computers that were not added by script.

@CompDigit : I can't see that "Reset Computer Password" only "Reset Computer Account"...
Are these DCOM 'cannot communicate with the P' errors or SharePoint?
Presumably the former, if so it is a known issue and common. The following link should resolve the problem.  I recommend making the changes on the server in group policy so it will be pushed out to all PC's.
Most of the firewall policies are included in the "Windows SBS client -Windows Vista and XP policies".
"Reset Computer Account" is what you want to select. Wait a couple of minutes then reboot the target workstation.
Right, I'll give it a shot thanks.  Should it work, you get the points :)
Sorry CompDigit I should have let you know.  That solution failed miserably and I had to re-join the computer to the domain, which pi** the customer off big time.  No dramas tho, it's all back to normal.

However, other computers still report dcom errors, I guess I'll have to live with it then.

Admin : question abandoned.
So what happened when you reset the computer account? Did is give you and error?

Just interested to see why it didn't work for you..
No nothing, the next reboot, the user couldn't log in, PC had lost its credentials to the domain.  Had to log on locally and re-join.
Was the computer account still present in AD? I'm insterested to find what caused your issues.

Would it be possible to post of the the AD errors on you were seeing.
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Not the solution I was after but it'll do.