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Create Anchors From List

Hi experts!

Say I have a list that contains this:

User generated image
and to make it common delimited I do this:

var tags = String.Join(", ", myPost.tags);

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and the results for this:
Tags: @tags

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is Tags: bike, bicycle

however, how would you make bike and bicycle or whatever in myPost.tags list into anchors and passed as into the querystring?

so, each anchor would look like this:
*xxxx is from the list

<a href="@Href("~/mypage/search?r=xxxx")" class="lnk">xxxx</a>

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Any ideas?
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Kiran Sonawane
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my bad sonawanekiran; I didn't mention this is for mvc razor..
you gave me some good ideas I will try later after getting some zzzzzz... tired..

will let you know and thanks again.
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