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Add folder permissions for users exchange calendar

Hi, how - as an administrator - can I add access for one user to another users calendar without logging in as them or doing it via Outlook?

Is there an administrative tool I can use to achieve this?
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In Exchange server you need take   Manage Full Access Permission  using right click Recipient Mailbox then add delegation in  outlook. now you can see other calendar ,mail ,contacts.

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No need for Full Access thats too much ... what is the Exchange version if 2010 then quiet simple with shell

- Rancy
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Its exchange 2003. Yes exactly, full access is too much. And in this case the user has explicitly said they want the user to only have access to his calendar.

In this case you can share the calendar to other user. right click on the calendar and share it.

Hi alihamedsa

Thanks for the advice, but as I have stated in my question...

without logging in as them or doing it via Outlook?
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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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Thanks Rancy, I have used this tool before, I just couldn't remember the name!

thank you for your help