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Is it possible to use %InputFile% with net use?

I am trying to setup a batch file that will loop though a text file of IP's and basically map a drive, copy some files, unmap the drive, and move on to the next IP in the list.

This is a script i use for batch copying but trying to add the net use command seems to break it. The reason for net use is because the location of the folder is on C: and is not shared. So I am trying to connect through the C$ admin share and pass credentials.

I keep getting system error 67 has occurred network name cannot be found. Net use with the IP and path works fine so I know my path is good. I believe the problem to be the input file is not working so the path does not get created properly.

If an input file doesn't work with net use. Is there an alternative way to achieve the same results?

Below is the script:
@echo off

(Set FileSource=D:\Folder\Folder\*.txt)
(Set RemoteShare=C)
(Set RemoteDestinationFolder=Folder)

(Set InputFile=D:\Folder\File.txt)

(Set RemoteDestination=\\%%*\%RemoteShare::=$%\%RemoteDestinationFolder%)
For /F "eol=;" %%* in ('type "%InputFile%"') do (
 Ping.exe -n 2 -w 750 %%* | Find/i "TTL=" >Nul | net use X: \\"%InputFile%"\C$\Folder /user:Username "Password"&&(
 xcopy /y "%FileSource%" "%RemoteDestination%" | net use /delete X: >nul | echo.%%*) || (
  echo.%%* "Computer was Not found">>%InputFile%.errors.log)
 If Not ErrorLevel 0 echo.%%* "Copy was unsuccesfull">>%InputFile%.errors.log
 (Set ErrorLevel=)


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try reading the file and obtaining the ip and storing it in a variable before providing the content to the command.  instead of using the %inputfile% and passing the whole thing, read the one specific line into a variable and provide only the variable to the command.
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should be net use X:\\%%*\C$\Folder

Glad I could help (I think)  :)

Sometimes it just takes that extra set of eyes.
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You did. The for  /f is looping through the txt file and outputting the IPs to a variable of %%*. That was the variable i needed not %InputFile%. As soon as you pointed out what was happening, I put hand to forehead. lol. Thanks again.