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Start timer in DLL

Ok...I have created a DLL that does some communications with devices.  My problem is that I need to start a timer that I have on a hidden form in the DLL when my external program creates a new instances of the DLL.  How can you do that?
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Kalpesh Chhatrala
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Create Hidden Form Object and start Timer in Form Constructor.
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Deepu Sreedhar
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Whenever you want to use it ...
AddHandler TSTimer.Elapsed, AddressOf TSTimer_Tick
TSTimer.Enabled = True

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I think I asked the question wrong.  I need to start the timer that is on a hidden form in my DLL project from a call that I make to the DLL from my Application that is talking to the DLL.
Add a custom constructor to the class that needs to start the timer, something like the following:
Public Class Class1

	Public Sub New()

		Dim frm As New Form1

	End Sub

End Class

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This got me pointed in the right direction and I figured it out from there.