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Disabling a user account


What happens to the mailbox of a disabled user in Active directory? Exchange version 2010 and Active Directory 2008.

I noticed that the mailbox still exists in the Recipient Mailboxes. Will exchange delete them automatically after 30 days?
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Shane McKeown
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No, it will remain until you DELETE the account...disabling accounts don't delete mailboxes, its deleting accounts that will remove the mailbox...
After disable mailbox in exchange 2010 it's only removes all the exchange attributes from the user object in AD.

For More info refer below link :
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If you disable an user account in AD, the mailbox will stay unchanged, but if you disable the mailbox in Exchange using powershell then it removes all Exchange attributes and it marks that mailbox for deletion. By default it will remove that mailbox from Exchange but the user account in AD remains unattached.
Even if you disable a account in AD ... mailbox in Exchange remains intact (Connected) and till you either do disabled or some action it will remain just with no issues

Once you have Disabled AD account is disconnected but remains in AD and mailbox is moved to Disconnected Mailbox container and will remain there for "Retention period" .... limit mentioned on the Mailbox database properties in EMC (by default 30days)

Now if you Select remove on mailbox in EMC it will delete AD account and move mailbox to Disconnected container and do the same

- Rancy
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ok, so to confirm, if you disable the user account in Active Directory, the mailbox will still remain in exchange and not be removed even after the retention period until you disable the mailbox in exchange itself.

Once the mailbox has been disabled in exchange the mailbox will be moved to the disconnected mailbox section and be marked for deletion.

Yes to first para

Yes to second as well (With Retention for permanent deletion from Exchange) ...... you hit the Bulls-eye

- Rancy
Now you got the current mantra :)

Glad we could explain.

That's correct.